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NEW!- Muellerized Ohlins Road & Track - Evo 8/9

Muellerized Ohlins Road & Track Coilover Suspension - Evo 8/9

                                                      Ohlins Road &
                                                      Track Coilover
                                                      Suspension - Evo

Includes: Muellerized Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers with John's custom specifications. Each set includes all hardware, such as springs, front camber plates, and rear spherical bearing mounts. Suspension setup is additional to the retail price, but you will not just get a box of parts to guess at how to assemble yourself.
NOTE: Installation not included.
Price: $2,375
NOTE: 1.5 hour of assembly/setup labor is additional as Ohlins come disassembled with most parts individually sealed/packaged.

Whiteline 24mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar - Evo 8/9

Whiteline 24mm
                                                  Rear Anti-Roll Bar -
                                                  Evo 8/9
Description: Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar included in our Stage 1 upgrade level.
Price: $235

Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - Evo 8/9

Description: These are the same Rear Trailing Arm Bushings included in our Stage 1 upgrade level.
Price: $25

Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit - Evo 8/9

Whiteline Front
                                                    Roll Center
                                                    Adjustment Kit
Description: The Whiteline Front Roll Center Adjustment Kit is designed to raise front roll-center geometry by using new specially engineered ball-joints and tie rod ends, while maintaining original steering bump-steer. The original EVO front roll geometry actually encourages roll the lower it goes. With this kit you change the front suspension geometry by raising the roll-center and it results in substantial increase to roll resistance and significant reduction of suspension compression of outside front wheel during cornering through improved weight distribution. During cornering, this leads to significantly reduced understeer through reduced front wheel compression, as well as improved steering feel and precision and vehicle stability. This ultimately improves front grip and steering feel.
Price: $235

Whiteline Rear Bump Steer Correction Kit - Evo 8/9

                                                      Rear Bump Steer
                                                      Correction Kit
Description: The Whiteline Rear Bump Steer Correction Kit is designed to change bump steer characteristics depending on driving conditions. For high performance driving it is beneficial to reduce the amount of bump steer to give a more positive feel, sharper handling, reduced rear passive steer, and reduce understeer.
Price: $57

Muellerized Competition Rear Differential Upgrade

Includes: Upgrades your good core differential to a competition-style configuration. Seals/bearings are additional if needed.
NOTE: Does not include removal/installation labor on vehicle, fluids also additional.
Price: $465

Front Camber Plates, Rear Spherical Bearing Mounts - Evo 8/9

Description: Front Camber Plates and Rear Upper Mounts with spherical bearings (set of 4 pieces total).
Price: Please call or send us an e-mail for latest price/availability.

Muellerized Fiberglass Headlight Replacements (Pair) - Evo 8/9

Description: Worried about damaging your stock head lights due to flying debris on a track day? Swap them out for these fiberglass head light replacements. Keep your stock headlights safe and reduce weight on the nose of your car. Available in both flat black fiberglass (for you to paint) and carbon fiber (1 layer w/ clear coat over fiberglass base).
NOTE: We try to keep these in stock but they are made in batches. Call for availability.
Price: $199/pair Fiberglass | $299/pair Carbon Fiber

NOTE: Muellerized website prices are generally current, but pricing fluctuations do occur and are outside of our control. Please call for current pricing.

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